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MCNR Mansfield for Nursing and Rehabilitation
 Suzanne Crosthwaite
Suzanne Kiss

Careers with MCNR

Our Culture
At MCNR we celebrate our employees, their diversity and their individual characteristics that contribute so richly to our care environment. MCNR is a place where the intangible becomes the most important tangible characteristic. Our employees genuinely care about the health, safety and well being of our patients and residents. At MCNR, we define success by how well we help
those we serve to achieve success. These qualities are the reasons our employees choose to share their talentsand kindness here.

One employee expressed her reasons for sharing her talents at MCNR:

“I have the privilege of spending time with patients. I see in their eyes the heroes, the people they have been in their lives. I see the preciousness of life. I see the love they receive, even when they are unsure who is expressing the love. I have learned from them that love is the only thing we can truly possess, keep and take with us. The residents continue to teach me about life, and about myself. I keep my heart open to them, to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.”
– Suzanne Crosthwaite, Nursing Administrative Assistant

Recover Restore Return

MCNR offers a friendly working environment that recognizes the contributions of each employee. Every role here is important. We seek individuals who support our mission and desire to serve those in need. MCNR does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, handicap, age or sex in employment.

Interested in making a difference in someone’s life? Want to find out what it’s like working in a nursing home? MCNR has a strong volunteer program with many opportunities to interact with residents in meaningful ways. Find out more about volunteering at MCNR.

MCNR is a Smoke Free Facility, an Equal Opportunity Employer, and a Non-Profit Organization

For more information on current job openings, email us at

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