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MCNR Mansfield for Nursing and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Services

In our fully equipped gym with state-of-the-art equipment, MCNR therapists provide rehabilitative services in a supportive yet challenging environment that assist patients regain lost or diminished function.

Wendy Coleman Director of Rehabilitation Services
Wendy Coleman
Director of Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy is designed to restore muscle strength and control which
may have been lost due to illness or injury such as:

Many physical therapy techniques are employed as patients and therapists work to restore
as much functional mobility as possible through the use of any one or a combination of all
available methods of physical therapy. The primary goal is rehabilitation.

In summary, Physical Therapists focus on promoting optimal independent mobility, strength and balance by:

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy trains a person to achieve increased independence after physical illness or injury. Relearning the daily tasks of living, from personal grooming and dressing to cooking and housekeeping, are stressed in occupational therapy. A patient needing special equipment for independence may need to learn how to use such equipment. The occupational therapist works closely with the other therapists so that the interaction of therapies will expedite the patient’s healing process. Because of this cooperation, the activities and level of techniques used vary from simple to complex as necessary. Most importantly, the patient is actively involved so that their maximum physical and emotional strengths are used toward their recovery.

In summary, occupational therapists focus on enhancing independence in these activities of daily living:

The Occupational therapist utilizes adaptive devices and techniques for:

Speech Therapy
Speech and language disorders caused by illness or injury may impair expression, comprehension, sound production and articulation. Difficulties with swallowing may also occur, especially following stroke, laryngeal cancer, head injury or Parkinson’s disease. The inability to swallow or to communicate is extremely frustrating, but those functions may be restored through an aggressive therapy program. Because the greatest progress is made early on in the treatment of these disorders, the therapists may work quickly with any patient requiring speech therapy. Difficulties overcome through speech therapy include voice and speech, dysphasia, swallowing and perceptual/cognitive disorders; the rehabilitation process centers on restoring as much of the original ability to communicate as possible.

Drawing from the resources of the University of Connecticut, MCNR engages a speech language pathologist (SLP) to provide therapy for our patients. This individual is a clinical instructor at the University and preceptor for the clinical rotation of SLP students at MCNR. As a result, the rehabilitation we offer uses the latest techniques and provides a superior service to patients.

In summary Speech/Language Pathologists focus on:

Homeward Bound
Our “Homeward Bound” simulated home environment gives patients the opportunity to re-engage in activities of daily living thus facilitating their successful return home.

All of our therapists work in a close collaboration with the nurse case manager and social worker, ensuring optimal coordination of services.

Weekly rehab rounds are conducted with all disciplines to focus on the specific clinical needs and progress of each patient.

Outpatient Services
A great benefit to participate in our Outpatient Therapy Program is that you may continue working with same therapists you became accustomed with during your inpatient stay. This creates a more comfortable environment for both you and the therapists, eliminating the need to start over the new clinicians, which could extend your recuperation period.
Our Outpatient Rehabilitation Department serves the Mansfield/Storrs area and surrounding communities providing individuals discharged from a hospital or skilled nursing facility or referred by a physician a convenient and familiar setting for specialized rehabilitation.

Patients are treated in our fully equipped, sunny gym designed with state of the art equipment. Our knowledgeable and experienced therapists will follow your physician’s protocols ensuring your planned progress to assist you in your recovery.

We offer:

Physician’s referral required. Ask your doctor if outpatient rehabilitation might help you with every day activities, or if you require medical or surgical rehabilitation.

Contact our Outpatient Rehabilitation Department directly at 860-487-2355 to schedule your appointment.

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