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MCNR Mansfield for Nursing and Rehabilitation
Mansfield Center For Nursing and Rehabilitation

Advisory Committee
The Advisory Committee is a group of concerned citizens of the Town of Mansfield.
The group has collectively and actively sought to support the endeavors of MCNR,
identifying areas for improvement and supporting fundraising activities for the
benefit of residents and patients.

The committee was formed in the late 1980s, drawing its leadership from the
Mansfield Retirement Community (Juniper Hill) board of directors and sponsor
organization New Samaritan Corporation. The formation of the committee was the
first step toward building a nursing facility on property they owned in the Town of
Mansfield. As a not for profit organization, the nursing facility’s sole purpose would
be to extend the continuum of quality health care to residents of the Town of
Mansfield and surrounding communities.

The Advisory Committee continues today under the original bylaws and with a
unique collaboration between community, family and clergy members, all coming together to learn from each other and contribute their talents to improving and enhancing the care and services at this special nursing facility.

New Samaritan Corporation