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MCNR Mansfield for Nursing and Rehabilitation
the MCNR campus

Our Campus
At MCNR, the focus is on LIVING. From the beautiful natural surroundings, to comfortable and inviting interiors, to recreational activities tailored to individual tastes, life at MCNR is lively. Residents and patients can live the life they choose and stay as engaged as they desire.

“This is a place to come and live for the rest of your life. The living piece – that’s what I do. We look at everyone as an individual. The program is flexible based on the needs and interests of residents.”

--- Stacy Estrella, Director of Recreational Therapy

Opportunities abound to participate in social and recreational activities including:
  • Gardening
  • Music
  • Playing games
  • Dining with others
  • Trips to area points of interest, dining out or shopping
  • Joining a book club
  • Attending lectures on travel
  • Celebration of birthdays, anniversaries and holidays
Stacy Estrella Stacy Estrella
Honey’s Gift
    Behind all the pretty earrings and unusual items at the Tom Thumb Shoppe is the personality of the shopkeeper, Honey Birkenruth. As sweet as her name, Honey has been stocking the Tom Thumb Shoppe with little treasures since MCNR opened in 1993.
    A lover of travel with a passport stamped all over the world, Honey has an eye for things that are different. She grew up in New London where her father owned a men’s clothing and dry goods store. She helped out in the store during her childhood, and now manages her own not-for-profit gift shop at MCNR.
    Honey wanted to make the shop a cheerful destination for patients and visitors. She has certainly succeeded. Whether searching for a fun birthday card or a lovely decorative vase, the Tom Thumb Shoppe is the place to browse. Some of her finds are new, others come from vintage shops, and a few are donated.
    Next time you are visiting MCNR, be sure to stop by the Tom Thumb Shoppe!

-- Contributed by Jennifer Sutherland

Honey's gift

Resident rooms are spacious and well-equipped, with large windows and beautiful vistas overlooking the quiet, wooded countryside. Private bathrooms are large and accommodating. All rooms are climate-controlled, with TV and Wi-Fi connection.

Common areas include four tastefully furnished lounges with books, TV and games. Families can reserve these rooms to celebrate special events. During the warmer months, residents enjoy our outdoor gazebo, portico and nature trails.

Residents enjoy the convenience of MCNR’s on-site facilities including our:

“Our families are very connected, and many become friends with each other. The community sees us as part of them, not separate.”

--- Stacy Estrella

MCNR supports the spiritual and religious needs of residents by maintaining strong connections with area places of worship. Local clergy conduct services on-site on a rotating basis.

Quick Facts:
Not for Profit Facility   |   98 beds   |   180 staff members   |   11 wooded acres

the MCNR facilities
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