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MCNR Mansfield for Nursing and Rehabilitation

“One Person Caring for Another”
MCNR is committed to providing quality health care services that enable residents and patients to achieve the highest possible levels of physical, mental and social health.

the MCNR Staff

Patient Focus
We focus all of our activities on our patients and residents. Our goal is to ensure that the individuals we serve receive the care they need to achieve their optimal level of health. Central to this commitment is respect for the dignity of each person and an emphasis on caring.

Team Approach
We believe in collaboration among all those involved in providing or receiving care, including patients, residents, family caregivers, health care professionals and educators.

Commitment to Innovation
We are committed to continuous improvement in the delivery of health care services, and to taking full advantage of innovations in technology. Research and education are integral components of the MCNR activities.

Community Leadership
Our legacy of leadership is rooted in our collaboration, participation, communication and connection with the community. As a not for profit organization our duty is to serve our community. Social accountability is a key component guiding our activities that foster the highest quality of care and services and reaffirm our commitment to the people we serve, their families and the community.

Culture of Caring
We are committed to creating an environment where all employees see themselves as integral members of the care team. MCNR is committed to excellence. We provide opportunities for continuing education, and recognize employees for outstanding service.

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