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MCNR Mansfield for Nursing and Rehabilitation

Our Story

Mansfield Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (MCNR) was the dream of Betsey Reid, president and CEO of New Samaritan Corporation from 1980–2002. Opened in 1993, MCNR was a natural extension of the senior housing mission of the organization, which was founded by a visionary minister of the United Church of Christ, Reverend Arthur E. Higgins.

Reverend Higgins recognized that Connecticut churches would have a positive impact the lives of seniors, working within their communities to promote attractive and successful subsidized housing. In 1970 he founded New Samaritan Corporation, a non-profit organization with a clear focus on housing for the elderly that would enhance human dignity.

the MCNR Staff
Betsey M. Reid                    Arthur E. Higgins                    Kathleen Sutherland

It soon became clear to Reverend Higgins that a major obstacle for non-profit housing was lack of alignment with property managers, many of whom were more concerned about occupancy rates than the well being of residents. To bridge this gap, New Samaritan created two non-profit management companies, establishing the concept of social services management combined with effective and efficient property management..

Since 1970 New Samaritan Corporation has developed 32 housing communities, and manages another 24 properties with more than 2,400 units in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Envisioning the need for a skilled nursing facility to serve residents of New Samaritan Corporation housing as well as the surrounding communities, the directors of Mansfield Retirement Community purchased enough land for a nursing home as well as for senior residences Juniper Hill Village and Glen Ridge.

Community leaders Patricia Ferguson, Mary Beardsley, Jack Rice, Jane Ann Bobbitt and many others were integrally involved in making MCNR a reality and continue as members of the Advisory Committee.

MCNR serves the surrounding community as well as residents of New Samaritan Corporation housing that require short-term rehabilitation and return home, or long term nursing and support services. Located in Storrs, minutes from the University of Connecticut campus, MCNR benefits from its connection with a world-class educational institution, and provides clinical site opportunities for the training of quality, caring health professionals.

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