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MCNR Mansfield for Nursing and Rehabilitation


You all were the center of my day. I was at home in PT, always eager to try a little harder and make you proud of me. That is the way professionals conduct their work - they inspire effort and encourage you to bend just a few more degrees…. and climb that stair. My 3 dogs were so endearing. I recall one time ‘on the table’ when Charlotte was pressing … and pressing. But there, by my left thigh was Diablo. He was warm and soft and supportive. My dogs are magic. I do miss you all, and send my thanks for your good work.
Dean W.

To ALL who cared for me at Mansfield Nursing and Rehab
A Stroke
Having a Stroke is no fun,
hopefully it’s all done.
Now I can get on with life,
even ‘tho it involves some strife!
The therapy here is fun to do,
the food they serve is super too.
ALL the staff is beyond compare,
from any I’ve ever met anywhere.
I love them ALL from A to Z.
this is the PLACE for me to be!
Right now, but not forever!
There’s no place like HOME!

Thanks for the wonderful care I received!
Mary A.

Thank you, God bless. I love each and every one of you. That may seem a little heavy duty but after listening to many of you, I now have an idea of how bad I was. Excellent care and love helped me come back and again I say God bless you all and I love each and every one of you.
George D.

It’s good to be home and I’m hoping to behave myself and do all the exercises. I really appreciate all the help and confidence you gave me. I know it’s your jobs but you all go beyond the norm. It was always so much fun as well as doing the expected. Thank you and I am so glad to have met you all. See you when I can drive.
Carol B.

I want to thank you all for everything you did. You made me feel very special while I was working with you. I remember my first steps when I started and remember how I felt when I left, that I could take care of myself. It’s not so much what you did with me, although that’s important too, but rather how you made me feel. That’s something I’ll always remember. Your caring, your compassion, your understanding is very much appreciated. I’ll never forget any of you.
Morgan R.

I’m most sincere in sending this note of thanks to all the staff for the great professional care and kindness you showed in helping me recover from my recent knee replacements! I miss you all and intent to ROLLERBLADE over to see you in person soon.
Lucy C.

Thank you for all the work you did with my grandmother after her first stroke. Your motivation and optimism got her doing things we never thought possible. Your physical therapy gave her not only skills to make her more independent, it gave her a much needed sense of purpose.
Alice L.

Many thanks for making my rehab program an effective and enjoyable experience. It was a pleasure working with you. I was certainly impressed with your ability to skillfully and compassionately handle the wide range of client problems that you encounter. Keep it up!
Roger W.

Bill and I want to thank you very much for your tremendous help in getting us through our unfortunate incidents with our right hips. Your facility was great, the help, too many to list, were super and their pushes really got us up and moving so quickly. The whole process was amazing. The kitchen was terrific. Bill is now walking one mile a day and I’m walking the driveway (without a cane) 4 or 5 times a day and plan to increase that soon. We thank God for Mansfield Rehab, our great healing process and the super nice weather we have had since being home again, thanks.
Bill and Jeanne B.

To the PT and OT staff, thank you for all your assistance. I would never have made it as far as I have.
Elizabeth M.

Your wonderful healing skills, and oodles of love make our wellness a foregone conclusion. Thank you so very, very much,
Sarah L.

Heartfelt appreciation for all the expert and caring help you are giving our father. Your good work has greatly contributed to making today, Dad’s 91st birthday, a real celebration. Many thanks to all of you!!!
Deborah C., Carol C., Ellen C.

Earle and I wish to thank all of you for all the care and support you gave to Lonnie while he was a patient there. He wouldn’t be at home now with me, if it hadn’t been for all of you – getting him to walk. You worked miracles with him and it is deeply appreciated. Thanks to all of you again –
Earle and Betty M.

Thanks to one and all, for all the care, caring, support, and teaching. I really appreciate it.
Joanne L.

It is comforting to know that you gave Amy such loving care during this difficult time. We will be forever grateful.
Bob W. B.

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