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MCNR Mansfield for Nursing and Rehabilitation

Dining at MCNR
MCNR’s beautiful dining room makes mealtime a pleasure. “We like to cook the way people cook at home” says Dave Ellington, director of dietary services. With clinical oversight from the nursing department and staff dietician, the kitchen provides satisfying meals within individual diet parameters. New recipes are kitchen tested using only the best, wholesome ingredients to create delicious meals and many baked goods from scratch.

Not only do residents enjoy the home-like cooking, they are healthier because of it. Less reliance on frozen and pre-prepared items translates to less salt, fat and sugar in the finished products. “Individuals enjoy an increased feeling of well being while their needs are met with well balanced, delicious meals,” says Ellington. MCNR’s dietary department has consistently earned high ratings from the State of Connecticut and the Eastern Highland Health District.

Visitors, guests and volunteers are always welcome at MCNR, and family members are encouraged to dine with loved ones through our Dining with a Friend program. MCNR serves over 700 meals annually to visitors.

dining at MCNR
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